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Female presence electrifying my genitals during dream

Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2016 5:54 am
by aestheticdisposition
This is my first post so if it is posted in the wrong section; please forgive this.

Please let me elaborate further on what must seem like a silly topic. For the past five years or so I have had perhaps a number of reoccurring lucid dreams in which I am not in control however. The aspect of control while in the lucid dream state is a skill I have yet to develop, but this is not my area of question just yet.

The dreams are of an older female entity who has a mocking or condescending feel to her. There is nothing sexual about her presence and in no way has the act of sex or arousal ever come into play. She does however at some point grab my testicles and I can feel the pain of her squeezing them. The physical pain of this then escalates into an electrifying feeling of what I can only imagine would relate to the sensation of being shocked. This pain however is isolated purely in my genitals and does not spread to other areas of my body. I usually wake up after this and there is no story book conclusion to the play so to say and I am just left with questions.

I should add that it has been quite some time since my last dream of this nature.

My best guess is that these dreams are symbolic of an over-domineering mother in childhood which may have threatened my sense of masculinity and power. Such a relationship I am sure has translated to my adult relationships with women and perhaps these dreams are a projection of my psyche's fear of a false paradigm developed around the feminine. As my life unfolds, my awareness of healthy relationships and sense of power are growing, so from a psychological perspective, the work is underway.

I am curious though of your thoughts on such an experience, particularly the painful electrifying sensation (from an occult perspective)

Thanks everyone and its ok to laugh. [thumbup]