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Please Help

Posted: Wed May 17, 2017 5:08 pm
by Archx
Hello ,
I think I might have suffered a very heavy curse and in result lost a portion of myself. I had a brief encounter with a girl who I think practiced witchcraft. I think that before we met she initially made a love spell because the whole think had that kind of feeling to it, but I'm not sure. We ended up in the same company of people and the feelings were bubbling up and tension was building. It turned out however that she had a brief affair with another guy from the same company. I felt that I should not interfere,although I think she wanted me to ask her out,but I kept my distance and watched as the situation unraveled as they were coming back to each other because of me being identified as a threat. I though it was alright at first but i felt that more tension was building as i felt that I was growing fond of her and beginning to get quite jealous. I even had a dream in the beginning before the got together how she sew up my spinal cord and I told her to go away, although the dream had a strange funny feeling to it. As time passed and we were all going to the same bar I felt an unconscious tension starting to build up and rise from my side although we've barely spoken to each other. At one time I felt a very strong psychic attack emanating from both of them at me and I felt terrible the next day. I thought that it would pass in time and continued going out with the same people but the tension was still there. Not too long after that one night I felt another massive psychic attack from them both at me and the next day I felt completely devastated. The next day I think I got an offer from my parents whether I want to go back to England and live with them to which i said yes. I had plans to do that in a couple of months, but I thought that it was a good opportunity and it's time for me to leave. The whole think felt kind of wrong but how am i supposed to know for certain. I did not even get the chance to say proper goodbye to the other people from the company,which i think left them offended, because i was "immediately required" to leave. The day at the airport felt really bad, like i was doing something that i was not supposed to. Afterwards in the plane during the middle of the flight I felt literally that my soul was being torn apart and that I will probably die during flight or the plane will crash.I even prayed during the flight. That did not happen, however my ID got confiscated at the border, as their system showed that it was compromised. I managed to get to my parent's house afterwards with a copy of my ID and a feeling like I'm doomed. I thought that it would be ok in the beginning but the next days it felt like hell as i was having constant arguments with my parents while feeling very week and basically non present in half.
The whole fact of me being there continued to have a very strange surreal feeling of uneasiness and tension. I though that it would be ok in time and ended up going out with my brother and his friends to a goth disco where i took some drugs. Next day i started to feel the aftereffects like i was totally drained, my body felt literally like jelly ,mind was extremely dulled and getting tired very easy. I also felt physically like i lost a great depth of myself. I've done the same drugs a couple of years ago but with no such effects and recovered in a day. The same negative effects are still present as of now, my body feels like its half empty inside and a bit like goo, my mind intellectually regressed and almost non present like there's something in my head that blocks it from being there. My emotional sense and sense of "context" are damaged as well. I basically feel almost like a subhuman. I think that the part of me that was supposed to make me heal is gone and I can't recover. I though that it was just in my mind, but two months after that i still feel the same way and I am starting to get scared and worried and trying not to panic. I though of a friend of mine who is a healer and when i checked my phone it turned out that he was visiting London the same week. We met and I told him of my experience. He advised that I should visit a certain sacred place back in my country, the same thought and place I had in mind a few days before we met. He left a week ago and now I am left to ponder whether it is possible or how to continue my life spiritually and mentally crippled as I'm finding myself of losing perspective and focus quite often. Hope i heal slowly in time, but I'm not sure whether I can reach a permanent recovery without getting back the part from me that i feel is "missing" or that was "ripped" in the plane. I have absolutely no idea how to do that or whether it is even possible, so please. All kinds of suggestions and opinions will be welcomed with great appreciation, gratefulness and gratitude as I dare not think of how bad the situation can actually be. Thank you.

Re: Please Help

Posted: Wed May 17, 2017 8:10 pm
by Desecrated
Most witchcraft and hoodoo spells uses some sort of object. It's not just a spell that is said or written, it involves something more.So the first thing you should do is look for any piece of paper, bag, envelope, bottle or satchels that might be hidden in your belongings.

If she has given you anything, get rid of it. Put it in a paper back, draw an X on the bag symbolizing (do not want). And throw it away in a public garbage can as far away from your home as possible.
If she has taken anything from you or gotten anything from you, you need to separate yourself from that object. Draw a picture of the object on a piece of a paper and cut it in half. Cut the object, and cut that person out of your life.

Here is some advice from another thread on how to get rid of negative energies and such:

Day 1:

A. Clean your house/apartment/room.
Clean it like your mother-in-law would come for a weekend visits. Make sure you scrub every area even behind and under cupboards, door-openings and such.

Make sure you open up your rooms to sunlight and fresh air.

B. Clean yourself.
I don't care if you are male or female, but it's time to get some spa-time.
Do a hair treatment, do a facial mask, get some ruff body scrub, shave all over, make yourself feel new and fresh.

C. Stop with the fucking apologies.
If you keep telling yourself that you don't know anything and you can't do anything. Nothing good will happen. You are more then capable enough to handle this situation.

Day 2:

Time to clean again.
This time it will be a little bit different.

Salt is a great way to absorb energy. Put down a line of salt in every window and door opening. Leave one window open without salt so that "it" can get out.
Take a bath.
If you don't have a bathtub, bring a bucket with you into the shower.
Poor cold water into the bucket.
Usually I recommend lavender oil and rosemary,or If you are allergic. Just use clean water.
Dunk it over you, or if you have a bathtub, emerge your head.
Do this 3 times.
Air dry. Don't use a towel or anything like that, just stand there and calm down.
Put on some fresh clothes.

Time to bring out the broom.
Sweep all the floors, start at the area furthers away from the door-opening and sweep towards the door- Imagine sweeping everything bad away. Once you finally come to the door, sweep everything out the door.

Vacuum the place and suck up the salt also. Take out the bag from the vacuum and bring it outside directly. You don't want it left in the house for very long.

Time to wash the floors.
Water + black pepper makes for a really good floorwash. Nothing likes getting their face stuffed with peppers so it keeps away both negative energy and animals.
Do the same as the sweeping. Start furthest away and move to the front door.
If you can, poor out the water outside your property, if not, poor it into the toilet and flush.

Light some white candles. Just normal white candles will do.

Take a shower.


Re: Please Help

Posted: Wed May 17, 2017 11:20 pm
by chowderpope
Based on your story, what I'm unsure about is how you are attributing an attack to this girl and her friend. How are you so sure they are involved?

Regardless of their involvement, though, It sounds like your vital energies are super low. This is dangerous because it leaves you vulnerable to psychic attack or invasion. I would recommend breathing exercises to raise your vital energy, or chi. A simple one is to put on a metronome, set it to the slowest rhythm you are capable of, and breathe along to the beat, inhaling and exhaling at a regular interval.

Astral baddies will take advantage of a weak aura and use it to get their foot in the door of your mind, so I would definitely recommend some practices to strengthen your energetic body.

I also recommend the cleaning/banishing instructions Des provided because there's a chance you already have some nasty thing following you, and you want to get it away.

If you have not seen a doctor about your lack of energy, I would recommend consulting one to rule out any physical problem.

I will share with you an exercise I use to increase and encourage chi flow. While you perform this, gently smile. Imagine that you are smiling to your body.

*Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and parallel, pointing forward.

*Tuck your tailbone forward and suck your stomach in, toward your spine.

*Do not tense your shoulders, make sure they are resting, and try to relax all your muscles.

*Breathe deeply, in a rhythmic pattern. You can use a metronome to make sure it's strictly rhythmic.

*When you inhale, imagine you are breathing in a white light that is entering your body and accumulating in your dantian, which is an energy center roughly between your navel and your spine.

*When you exhale, imagine that white light moving up into your heart center and accumulating there.

*After at least ten minutes of this practice, keep your arms at your side and face your palms down toward the ground.

*As you exhale, see a black smoke leaving your nose and your palms. Repeat this for a couple of minutes.

*To conclude, ball your hands into a fist and raise them up so that they are almost touching your shoulders.

*Exhale through your mouth and slowly bring your hands down to your side while opening the fists.


If your energetic body is not strong, this makes you vulnerable to manipulation from outside intelligence, which may already be doing work on you, judging from your description of how you're feeling.

You can also perform other Qi Gong practices, which are all over the internet, and also learn the Middle Pillar ritual to encourage chi flow through your energy centers. Yoga would also be a good option for you.

I encourage you to learn a banishing ritual. There are plenty of them around the internet, one popular one being the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram although there are quite a few steps and I prefer simpler banishings. One thing you can do is imagine yourself in an egg of white light, and that a brilliant fire is within the egg, burning away all unwanted and unhelpful energies.

I also recommend a light exercise routine to get your blood flowing and increased oxygen intake. Get some sunlight on your skin daily, too, and drink plenty of water. Think positively. You can repeat positive affirmations in your head like a mantra while you smile to yourself. A mantra that I find particularly effective is Please forgive me, I forgive you, Thank you, I love you.

Try to improve your diet. Try eating a little bit of raw garlic each day (before you brush your teeth.) When you chew raw garlic, it releases a powerful chemical, Allicin, which will make you feel better and will assist your immune system. Eating garlic is usually followed with a stomach ache but it doesn't last very long. If you follow it with ginger or peppermint tea that will help.

I wish you a swift recovery.

Re: Please Help

Posted: Wed May 17, 2017 11:51 pm
by chowderpope
And one last thing: Don't do psychoactive drugs.

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Posted: Fri May 19, 2017 1:15 am
by Archx
Thank you both for the kind advice. I will try to do everything you said and hope I can at least get somewhere. I am still not well but with a lot of work I hope to manage. I am quite desperate and I'll give you some updates in a few days. Thank you again.