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Becoming Whole

Posted: Sun Sep 19, 2021 10:02 pm
by Amor
One of the problems that I came to somewhat late in life is missing etheric substance.

It is very common for humans including children to give substance to others - for example a girl may give some of her etheric brain substance to her father as part of the process of letting him make decisions for her. Such etherics gap usually continue until fixed.

Usually it is quite easy to recover the substance as it sits on the outside of the etheric body of the recipient. Just give light from the heart to the recipient and ask for the substance to be returned - and it usually is and the original donor feels more whole.

So I was looking at a lovely woman a couple of days ago. She has been posted into this solar system and subject to ongoing spiritual oppression in the female form: sequence of adverse males, several difficult children, adverse inlaws.

She is divorced and shares the children. The elder boy is a problem. He has quite a lot of black-hearted personal karma that she can never fix. He must do it, but he is the asset of a cluster of adverse entities.

This is part of the oppression process - giving women unfixable humans.

Anyway she could see substance missing from her knee (father) and foot (mother) so we fixed those.

Next morning I was meditating and had a look at her, and she has hundreds of bits of etheric substance missing from the front of her body - a very giving woman.

Her right breast is missing about 20 pieces and most of them are sitting on the face of the elder son. So I send him light from the heart and ask for them to be returned - and he refuses, being part of the oppression system.

So now I have to figure out how to replace etheric substance that will not be returned. It is not an entirely simple process as the elemental that is her physical body, not only needs to accept the substance, but it also has to be able to transmute it from the source characteristics to those suited to the higher functionality of this visitor to the planet.

Fortunately she is known to the Ancient of Days (who is the host of such entities posted to the planet) and I am optimistic that we can do a deal.

Re: Becoming Whole

Posted: Sat Sep 25, 2021 12:21 am
by Amor
I saw her again last night. Actually the son I was looking at is her second son and he has some of the lost substance.

So I pointed out the broader problem of lost substance and that we needed to invent some process of replacing it. I did not say so but I was thinking that perhaps I needed to provide the etheric substance, without any clear method in mind.

Anyway as we sat there, I thought of the local sea gods and I could "see" one a little north and some miles off shore. So I pointed him out and she could "see" him too.

So she asked him to replace her missing substance which he did.

When I go back in time and slow down the sequence it looks like the sea god used intent to condense the required etheric substance on her from out of the atmosphere. Why did not I think of doing that?

So now she feels better - with some culturing of the new substance still required.

She brought along a friend, another visitor to the solar system, currently in the form of a human female with usual oppression mode: adverse male partners, difficult children and adverse inlaws. Fortunately for her, her youngest, a boy about 18 months, is also a visitor posted in to help her.

With a little prompting it turned out that she was here to help the deva overlighting the mineral kingdom of the planet.