Liber MMM discussion - Discipline 3: Not Thinking

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Re: Liber MMM discussion - Discipline 3: Not Thinking

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Just to say I'm still in on this, but I haven't got the discipline nowadays to add one more practice to my daily life. So I have tried this - if the whole point is to prepare and achieve no-thinking state which is fairly difficult to achieve I should do it more often. I'm being present as much as I can focusing on my senses to quiet my mind in my waking life and conscious drinking and eating does wonders and feels great. Also when I'm doing something that is purely automatical work, no-mind is my savior from boredom and frustration.

I'm doing this for the past two months now, and as I have cleared most of my day from variety of chores I am striving to get back at it now more prepared and with much better understanding.

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Re: Liber MMM discussion - Discipline 3: Not Thinking

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Remember that you don't attain not thinking through applied effort, you do it by letting go. Self control should be instinctual, as the effort of controlling yourself mostly comes through an application of subconscious desires. It's much easier to not do something through not consciously thinking about it than it is to avoid doing it consciously - telling yourself over and over again that you don't want a donut will simply make you want a donut, while doing something else which occupies your mind will avoid the desire for said donut.


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