Thelemic Selfrealisation

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Thelemic Selfrealisation

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[b]The following is based on the supposition that unity comprises multiplicity in order to realize itself as such.
The interaction of unity and multiplicity is called ConsciousNess* and regarded as an inter/extrapolation that relates in a Point of View which manifests ConsciousNess.
* (This particular spelling is to emphasize the relativity of Conscious: purposeful, aware – and Ness: being, existence)

In 2750, an Egyptian priest of Ptah paraphrased it like this: “The seeing of the eyes, the hearing of the ears and the breathing of the nose report to the heart; the heart* is the centre of cognition, the tongue expresses the cognized” – and since this cognition consists of reflection & projection, the priest added – “thus gods are made”. (*traditional term for Self)
The Egyptians called the cognition Hoor Paar Kraat (Horus the Child) and its Reflection & Projection Isis & Osiris. This relativity, or state of ConsciousNess did apparently not suffice, as they reflected & projected Isis & Osiris with Nephthys & Seth, setting off a contrary Reflection/ Projection (R/P) dynamic, wherein Horus became the arbiter of its pole positions – or field limits – and thus an intermediate viewpoint.

Cultures subjected to this contrary R/P dynamic, called it a war of gods. In the Egyptian version, Seth divided Osiris and claimed his throne – or pole position – which put him into opposition to Horus, who joined (wed) his “mother” Isis. With the son of this marriage the entire process repeated itself – that is: the contrary R/P field and its intermediate viewpoint were doubled and turned into an eight-pole R/P dynamic which filled the Egyptian pantheon with numerous Horus variants.

The history of Egyptian ConsciousNess (or religion) demonstrates, that it was henceforth governed by attempts to restrain this division-multiplication process through a 9th pole (or god) –which might have been the first monopolistic (or monotheistic) attempt to transform the intermediate into an absolute viewpoint, in order to fix the pole positions and thus inhibit the creation of additional R/P fields and viewpoints.
It is not known if the priests realized that thereby they fixed the contraries too, or if they feared losing their prosperous pantheon-managements, when they exiled this so called “Aton” to (or with) the Israeli tribes, whom he henceforth ruled under the term JHVH. And it was the son (Jesus) of this (four-poled) contrary R/P field, whose (cross-shaped) coordinate got established in the Hellenic time/space, where it became a principal pattern for the formation of the Occident.

The R/P patterns of the Egyptians and the ancient Greeks were similar, except that the Greeks established four intermediary viewpoints and thus a contrary field within contrary fields, which brought about a R/P mode that was to become renown as rationalism (after the Latin ratio = calculation) and to give birth to the philosophers and geometricians who separated the fields and assigned one to psyche and one to soma (mind & matter), turning them into the cornerstones of the R/P mode of Dualism.

There are three principal R/P systems – the alternating, whose manifestations complement each other – the contrary, where they contrast each other, and the dualistic R/P, whose manifestations appear separate.
The alternating R/P is typical for the Orient, whereas the contrary R/P has been dominating the Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Hellenic cultures and became the foundation of the Dualism that dominates the Occident. (Orient & Occident represent here R/P systems as well as cerebral & global hemispheres)

In 1904 appeared the threefold “Book of the Law” LIBER AL VEL LEGIS.
LAL reveals that when the (8) R/P poles interrelate nonlinear, the sphere of SelfConsciousNess comes about. ... m=2&zoom=2

Its poles inter/extrapolate in three phases: (4~6) meta cognition (3~7) understanding (2~8) self-knowledge (wisdom) - 5 marks the Point of View and (1~1) the R/P equation of SelfConsciousNess (terms & numbers are subject to change)
The inter/extrapolation (indicated by the doted wave/spiral) is called Hadit and the sphere of its realisation Nuit, after the Egyptian goddess of All (ConsciousNess).

LAL II describes this interrelationship from the perspective of Hadit:
3. In the sphere I am everywhere the centre, as she, the circumference, is nowhere found.
4. Yet she shall be known & I never.
6. I am the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star. I am Life, and the giver of Life, yet therefore is the knowledge of me the knowledge of death.
7. I am the Magician and the Exorcist. I am the axle of the wheel, and the cube in the circle. "Come unto me" is a foolish word: for it is I that go.

Linear related, the 8 R/P poles form a cubelike (three dimensional) constellation with two viewpoints – representing the singular and the plural perspective.

When they check each other, a polarization ensues that turns the R/P constellation into a mirror room, commonly called Ego.
Being a closed R/P circuit, the dimension of Ego appears to be a world of its own; and as its subjects usually do only see its mirrors which divide & multiply according to the interactivity of the two viewpoints, they assume it to be universal.

Every R/P system enables Ego and has particular ways of dealing with it. The Orient brought about innumerable thinkers and methods to eliminate or at least to restrain it; whereas in Dualism, which naturally facilitates Ego, it has been proliferating unconstrained, heading the formation of the occidental culture and driving its globalization.
The proportional increase of mental confusion and social and moral corruption has been more than 2000 years ago described in the Mahabharata as symptoms of “Kali Yuga”, the last of four Yugas (world ages), also called the age of darkness, which is supposed to terminate in the 21 century and be followed Satya Yuga, the age of truth.

LAL III introduces RHK who, as “God of war and revenge” (III-3), is determined to bring the old Aeon rapidly to an end.

He is also called “Lord of initiation (Lat: travel inwards) i.e. the realisation of ones True Nature.

Invoking that which he is to destroy, i.e., everything which impedes the Self-realisation-process, he is its persona juridical and short-cut as well.

His alter-ego is the warrior.


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Re: Thelemic Selfrealisation

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In the Egyptian tradition the human has 5 souls (as in the Kabbalah). How does the above relate to the Egyptian souls?

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