The Process of Learning

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The Process of Learning

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If you actually think deeply about what you do when learning, you'll notice that you're not doing much at all.
When you look at a book, it seems that the mere action of observing the text is enough to cause you to gain related knowledge, such as visualizations, understandings, etc.

For example, look at this word: banana.
Quite likely, the moment you looked at the word, you thought of a banana. What's curious about this is that the letters themselves have absolutely nothing to do with a banana; it's a synthetic association.

Some words don't initially have any associations. To learn is to first think of a symbol, then to attach something else to it. It's pure brute force. You keep recalling the symbol, followed by the target, and suddenly the symbol brings forth the target all by itself. It's very similar to ritual.

If you flip your paradigm from matter over mind, to mind over matter, it becomes apparent that causing an effect in the world is almost identical to recalling a memory. After all, if you made "open door" the symbol associated with "room interior", recalling the room interior through the door would be experientially identical to the physical motions. The only real difference to typical learning, is that in everyday life we use sequences of symbols (over time) for this kind of recall, rather than single symbols such as letters.

It makes me wonder, if I were to say "Move Box", then move a box in some consistent manner, then do this some huge number of times, would the box eventually move all by itself? Can I teach the universe an association?

But then what sort of specifics might be relevant here? If I move the box 1m one time, then 1.0001m another time, will I confuse the universe by being inconsistent, thus failing to create the association? Would the universe instead associate the words "Move Box" with the outcome of "blindwake moves the box" rather than the box moving all by itself? Would my new association have to compete with other associations that the universe already knows? Ex: I've taught the universe to move the box, but constantly, physics tells the box to not move. Do I need to teach the universe to give my own teachings priority?

If all brains are made roughly the same, then why do I perceive through my own? What special characteristic places me in this skull?
I do not move throughout the world. The engines do not move the ship, but the universe.
The law of synonyms: my experience is synonymous with my brain, I change my experience to change my brain. so I change the physical with my thoughts.

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