Synthetic Objectivity

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Synthetic Objectivity

Post by blindwake »

Suppose I am stabbed. I then proceed to modify my senses so that I do not see the wound, I appear healthy, and I do not feel the wound.
While this modifies my internal representation of the world, it leaves the objective world unchanged. Surely, to others I will be bleeding, and once I remove my glamour, I will find that I am dead.

This begs the question of what objectivity really is. If we take the approach that there is nothing beyond experience, then objectivity simply means that multiple observers are seeing the same thing in the same environment, or at the very least, that they are seeing quite similar things.

This makes me wonder, if that's all objectivity means, then the only reason my subjective glamour on the stab wound is not objective, is because not enough observers are seeing my glamour. So, would it not suffice to split my own consciousness in order to create more observers which see my manifestation? Thus manufacturing synthetic objectivity?

Now oppositely, suppose I am not actually stabbed, but need to appear like I am in order to create a diversion. If I make all the people around me see that I am stabbed, when I have not really been stabbed, will a stab wound manifest? I think not, because sensory illusions do in fact exist, meaning that a person's senses can be wrong without affecting reality (or do off senses affect reality, meaning that I merely do not notice?)

But, I know from personal experience that subjective illusions can in fact alter objective reality. Perhaps there are different kinds of hallucinations?

What are your opinions on bridging the gap from hallucinatory magick to physically noticeable magick?
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Re: Synthetic Objectivity

Post by Kath »

100% objectivity is a fantasy,
at least it is this side of divine infinite consciousness.

that said, i'm a fan of objectivity, insomuch as we can channel it.
though I'm realistic about just how objective we can be,
which in itself is a kind of meta-objectivity.

as for manifesting wounds... hard to say. i do think there is a sort of objective consensual reality, but also i do think that the subjective can influence it, so perhaps it's more a 'reality field' of relative objectivity. hmmm

anyway, I also think there's a sort of probability field through which the reality of the universe as we know it falls in a predictable fashion, but for the influence of foreknowledge.

I think it would be pretty hard to fantasize yourself to death. In that i tend to think the consensual reality has more 'weight' to it by far than the personal reality. Similarly most actions follow 'fate' without some purchase on foreknowledge by which to change trajectory.

That said, I have a personal fantasy of sorts. I imagine myself in a prison cell. I imagine the prison cell as being the sort of substance of my physical incarnation in this plane and time, which greatly limits my sense of manifesting self more fully. In other words, being a hairless ape could be viewed as a sort of curse, or deliberately limiting control scheme. So in my fantasy prison cell, i found it to seem insurmountable to escape it. "seem" mind you. at one point I became fed up, and decided to really put 100% effort into destroying the prison cell in my fantasy scape... not just escaping, but obliterating the cell and all it represented. I found, though, at that point, that if i really truly harmed the cell in a significant way, that i suffered physical harm. In effect my imagined 'prison cell' was truly just my physical body and life. After some tinkering to confirm my perceptions, I "stood down" and stopped trying to harm my imagined prison cell (at least for the time being).

Is that manifesting a subjective reality onto the objective? maybe? I dunno. It might be advisable to avoid overt self harm in the personal reality though.

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Re: Synthetic Objectivity

Post by Cybernetic_Jazz »

This is where I tend to wonder if something like a panpsychist answer explains a fair amount - ie. that everything is observing but only some things get subsumed by larger sets of order.

Seems like most of the heavyweights at manifestation would suggest that they're still pulling things through natural causes and that everything that happens seems to abide by the normal purview of physics. This is where I start to wonder just what's happening with miracles and I'd have to venture a guess that a much bigger charge than the person could ever pull in themselves either went through them and had an effect on them or went through them to someone else and had that effect. This is where I have to consider this stuff something like an athletic endeavor, people have various aptitudes and occasionally something comes through that's more than us but that 'more than us' isn't fungible and doesn't answer to our beck and call unless I suppose you're doing something for a set of entities that they're highly in favor of.
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