Dissociation of Feeling From Meaning

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Dissociation of Feeling From Meaning

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One of the most interesting things I've experienced is how I can have multiple totally different feelings, but have them both mean the exact same thing.

For example, in the wrong state of mind, stubbing your toe might issue a "this feels good" message, all the same as something like eating candy.

Another good example is sex. Even if you aren't particularly interested, your body might tell you to continue, or might tell you "this feels good", even though the good feeling isn't necessarily good. It's like there's two channels for the experience: audio and video. The video is completely blank, but the audio is saying "this is a bird", "this is a cow", etc., and you believe it almost automatically even though part of the information is missing.

Go eat candy. During, notice that there's nothing intrinsically tasty about the candy, but you want to eat it nevertheless. Curiously, if you think hard enough about the candy, an effect similar to dehumanization might occur, and suddenly you won't find the candy delicious. The act of understanding has the effect of reducing the compulsion to eat the candy.

This behaviour isn't quite as obvious with more intense feelings, such as a migraine, getting hit by a car, etc., but I think this is simply because you are too overwhelmed by the issued command to realize that it doesn't necessarily match up with the feeling.

The most curious thing about this: why is it necessary? Why have a bidirectional association between a feeling and a command?

Another thing to notice is that there aren't necessarily only two channels of information. For example, try to imagine yourself in an astral body. First, in order to create the body, it has to exist within some place, so you have to give it a position, which is relative to something else. This means that the moment you, for example, begin controlling an astral hand, the feeling of the hand is paired with positional data. This is easy to verify within your own body as well: notice that you can have the same tactile feeling at different positions on your body.

As well, sometimes a feeling isn't actually a single feeling at all, but a composition, and you can't tell. What's slightly weird to think about, is that positional data paired with some other feeling, isn't a number, but a feeling in itself. It is as if someone took the colors of the rainbow, and decided that the more left you move your hand, the more it will be tinted farther to the left on the rainbow, and the same for the right.

What feelings are actually compositions, that are hard to notice? (heat, position, texture, etc.)
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Re: Dissociation of Feeling From Meaning

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