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Shawn Chowderpope

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How would it be
In the land of faery
To want and to do
Forever the fool
No rhyme or reason
To live by no rule
Everything around
Simply a tool

Is this the way that I should go?
No difference between rain and snow?
Certainly I, in my mighty dress
Know of a way that would be best
Yet some of us think
That we have no free will
And all that life is, is climbing a hill
On which we were set
Heaven places its bet
A sure gamble, for sure
Our course already met

I am here to say
That with each day
You choose the way
And should you so choose
To make that decision
To do what you wilt
With fine tuned precision
I promise you this, you will see
There is no other way to be

For in this action
All will unfold
And it will not matter
Whether you are bought or sold
Because there is no fate
You cannot avoid
Take up your will
Destiny is void [thumbup]


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