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Lets test this out! Need a time travel partner

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 12:44 pm
by Azimuth
Ok lovelies, I know someone out there is curious enough to try this out with me!
I've had interesting experiences with time travel, but it was with a dead person.
I need a living person to give me some answers.

Alls I need is for someone to sit in meditation for maybe a half hour and be open to seeing and talking to spirits during that time. So it'll have to be someone who can easily do that.
Give me your name, time of meditation and general location - pic if you feel comfortable with that, it'd just help me find you but not necessary - and wait a week.
Within that week I'm going to attempt to find you and chat, I'll give you a codeword to see if it worked.
I'll message you on here after I've done it and will tell you my codeword, you can confirm or deny.
I am also curious how you will see me.

Any takers?