Shamanic Ritual Indie Pop

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Shamanic Ritual Indie Pop

Post by Yex »

OK, here's my obligatory self-promotion post where I shamelessly plug my own music:

I have a project called Salute to the Salmon. It's mostly me on various instruments (mostly ukulele and vocals), sometimes accompanied by my fiancé on melodica, and less often other people collaborate as well. It might not be the sort of music one would expect to be listened to on an occult forum - it basically indie pop, though it has evolved from more overtly "twee" style ukulele pop to incorporating more dream pop and psychedelic influences.

The link above is to my bandcamp. Everything on there is free to download, with the option of donation. There's a lot of material up there, much of which consists of demos, aborted projects, small EPs, cover songs, and so forth, so I'd recommend starting with the most recent full album (Shades of Blue and Green) and then the previous one (The Continued Adventures of Mouse and Bear), and, if you like the more lo-fi twee-oriented stuff, you should listen to the first album (Searching for Shells on the Shore, Together). There's also this split EP with another artist that I did for Fallen Love Records, based around the theme of the moon, that might be of interest for subject of content. That one's free to stream, but you have to pay to download or buy a physical CD.

Thanks, hope you enjoy!
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Re: Shamanic Ritual Indie Pop

Post by steveh583 »

enjoyed that. thanks

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