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Hello men

Post by Regnum »

Hello there.

Once upon a time an individual was born by a Cesarean section, because he had a big brain and an enormous, weighty penis. This individual was me.
After I grew up, I was able to have my male organ rising just like a horizontal mast. Being too poor to afford a watch, I used said organ as a gnomon: I would turn towards the Sun, look at its shadow below my belt, and know more or less what hour it is.
One night, a strange being, sporting a yarmulke over a trollfaced face, visited me in dream. He told me something along the lines of:
"look, aren't you tired of using your dick to know the time it is? You can have a better life. Just fuck old, rich women with that wonderful organ of yours, and you'll get plenty of monies to buy yourself a watch and even a smartphone. Or you can convert to Judaism and start handling bank accounts, what do you think?"
I was not very convinced. However he added:
"or, you can start venturing into esotericism, and this way God himself will come to you."
I felt way more enthralled by the last suggestion and gladly accepted.
"good", my visitor said. "Your improvised sundial stuff is not here by chance. You may be poor, but you were born to worship the Sun and become just like him. Now you'll find the proper manners to do so."
The being vanished, and I woke up.
During the following months I dabbled in esotericism, and now, I am interested in magic as a kind of practical approach. Especially the Tantra and hermetism. To this date, my magic knowledge is essentially bookish but I intend to practice after the basics have sunken deep enough in me and "resonated" enough there.
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Re: Hello men

Post by chowderpope »

I see that you've only addressed the men here. Just so you know, there are women on this forum. I'm sure they'll be really impressed by your jokes about your giant baby dick.

Why haven't you started practicing? Quit fucking around.
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Re: Hello men

Post by Stukov »

This is not an appropriate introduction and have now received a warning. You are on thin ice, cracking it even a tiny bit, you will fall below and be swallowed by the chilly below.
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