Same Old Me

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Same Old Me

Post by Caliban »

Seems I am late to the party.

On a whim, or perhaps I hunch, I decided this morning to look around for active occult forums, and found my way here. Went to register, and was disappointed to find this handle already claimed. Phooey. But then I did a search, to see what kind of malarky was being posted under it, and was pleased to discover content restored from the previous iteration of these forums, posted by Yours Truly. So I jumped through the password recovery hoops - because hell if I could recall what it had been, upon a time - and reclaimed my old account.

Hello, forum. I am Caliban. I practice broadly, from high Theurgia to practical Root Work. My formal training was in a Wiccan coven - eclectic, initiatory, degreed - and also in one of those postmodern, "young turks" startup occult orders that emerged as a countervailing trend to established British occultism in the 1980s.

I have heaps of book-learning under my belt, but most of what I speak from is personal experience of my own practice of magic, which began in a serious way somewhere around 1984. I am male, gay, opinionated, grumpy and old. Please don't take that personally. It isn't. I am in any case pleased to be back, and curious to see what folks are on about these days. Cheers.
"Who cannot draw upon three thousand years is living from hand to mouth." - Goethe

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Re: Same Old Me

Post by theleague »

i remember you back in the day at my old forum realms of magick. we should catch up sometime soon.

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