Short Story I'm Working On About 666

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Short Story I'm Working On About 666

Post by ArchangelIdiotis »

I have mentioned this short story in a couple of different places, including my website.

One reason I'm writing it is to cover the kind of complexity that could muddy the waters on the subject of innocence or guilt with astral espionage.

A Nazi Satanist conspiracy, a minority within an immortal elite, decides to publicly persecute an innocent virgin Jew. Telepathic mind control is used to induce situations wherein the victim is innocent of the crime a taboo reaction triggers the impression hir committed, or non Nazis are tricked into inducing the "crime" as an ethic's test that accidentally enslaves the victim in completely.

The Nazi Satanists spread a mind control virus off a bet they disguise as a slander suit intended to rescue the virgin. The bet is telepathically validated with efficiency to be

-Neither a lie nor an attempt to deceive that it is true (Unstated: True in some way, shape, or form. Nothing else confirmed)
-Dodging or bouncing bullets if the more attractive B Column (Unstated: if the bullets are thrown by hand)
-Infinity against odds if the more attractive B Column (Unstated: any event happens one occasion out of infinite others. Any other improbability can be isolated by isolating a finite number of surrounding events.)
-Most literal interpretations are true (Unstated: just of "You got it right if you bet on him." Right side, correct answer, morally appropriate to want him to win.)
-Much of B Column just implausible because Nazi mind control induced the virgin to be a low frequency example of a rare state of enlightenment
-Most Common Interpretation to the Majority Applies (Unstated: just of "You got it right if you bet on him" usually meaning Bet on to win. You're betting on someone if you want them to win).
-A Column and the Middle Column just slander the virgin is suspected of.

The contagion spreads by bulk peoples consenting to the abstraction of the bet to save the victim from severe torture or whatever. Accessories expose the virgin to "atonement dramatization of sin" and other forms of publicly condoned slavery.

I come up with some solutions for this type of astral contagion, were it to occur, in the post I wrote about an anarchist utopia in the astral networking thread.
-Archangel Idiotis, leader of an ostrich cult.

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Re: Short Story I'm Working On About 666

Post by WildWolf »

Nice. I am getting into writing a bit myself. Wattpad is one cool source i picked up. Bunch of writers, you can read and exchange notes.

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