New to occultism. Looking for someone to study hermetism with

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New to occultism. Looking for someone to study hermetism with

Post by XERXES »

Hello everyone. Im new to occultism and im really intrested in hermetism. I want to learn how to control my mind and be able to ascend to a higher level. If someone also wants to study with me or has tips where to begin/what books to read etc.
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Re: New to occultism. Looking for someone to study hermetism with

Post by WildWolf »

Welcome to the forum.

Hmmm....Golden Dawn is a tradition that emphasizes Hermetics.....but from my perspective, it seems that Order is on the decline and joining an order can often be full off uncomfortable snags. That being might find some of there books useful. Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon is a good book....but very hardcore and easy to get "stuck" in the lessons.

If you wish to go straight to the source....making offerings to Hermes and asking for guidance in your studies, may be of value.

If your interested in studying systems outside of Hermeticism. Here's a couple sources:

Strategic Sorcery (Jason Miller)
Rune Soup (Gordon White)
Theomagica (Frater Archer) (Jason Louv)

Those are all i can think of at the moment. Additionally....there is a LOT of occult books out there....some good...some bad....make sure to always have your bullshit meter on and sift the chaff from the wheat. The following are some of my favorites. Cheers.

Sorcerers Secrets by Jason Miller
Consorting with Spirits by Jason Miller
Mysteries of the Life Force by Peter Meech
Mermaids Slyphs Gnomes and Salamanders by William Mistele
Power Spellcraft by Arin-Murphy Hiscock
Practical Psychic Self-Defense for Home and Office By Choa Kok Sui
Magical Knowledge by Josephine McCarty
Tranceportation by Diana Paxson
Singing the Soul Back Home by Caitlin Mathews
Chaos Protocols by Gordon White
A Star from Heaven by Jonathan Sousa
Spirit Speak by Ivo Dominguez
Way of the Mystic Wizard by Mathew Thomas Baker
Path Notes of an American Ninja Master by Glenn Morris
Six Ways by Aidan Wachter

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Re: New to occultism. Looking for someone to study hermetism with

Post by Amor »

It might be as well to focus on meditation so that the emotional and mental energies are brought under control. When that has been established inner plane work is much safer

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Re: New to occultism. Looking for someone to study hermetism with

Post by Flestod »

Starting out with Hermeticism and things related to The Corpus Hermeticum can be quite a difficult task for any beginner.

I'd start with studying basic planetary magick by any author (the old stuff that leaves out Uranus, Neptune and Pluto; asteroids and all the modern stuff). The texts from that time period only used the visible planets and learning about planetary archetypes and some mythology surrounding them is quite useful for anyone studying Hermeticism.

If I was asked to pick a book on the long list provided by WildWolf further up this thread it would be Magical Knowledge by Josephine McCarthy. Over 20 years ago when I was starting out I bought Modern Magick by Donald Michael Kraig and Circles of Power by John Michael Greer. Those were excellent books for a total beginner in ritual magick, so I can recommend them as well.

Good luck.
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