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🎀I need help🎀

Post by dreemyskyes »

Hi. So I've been able to see energy since before I can remember. I do know about visual snow syndrome, and I do relate to a lot of the symptoms, however I do not think that is the issue. All my life I've had major deja vu episodes, seen figures, as well as psychic instances that occur in daily conversation. For example, I was texting one of my friends a few weeks ago, I bring up Shakespeare out of the blue, the exact part that she was reading (I didn't know she was reading anything at all prior to saying it.) But stuff like that I just blurt out frequently and randomly, barely even really thinking or processing before I say it. I've always been kind of an empath, like i can feel the emotions of people that im around at any time. I dissociate a lot as well. I get very strong gut feelings very often that turn out to be true, I also can almost always feel the presence of someone else in the room with me, even when no one is there. The feeling almost never goes away. All this to say, I don't feel like I'm able to nor understand how to control it or at least better understand it. Am I a medium maybe? I'd I am how do I tap into it?? Any help is so appreciated. You can reply to this post, pm, or email me.

xoxo, skye

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Re: 🎀I need help🎀

Post by WildWolf »

There's a lot more Empaths out there than you'd think...with varying degrees of sensitivity. Everyone has subtle senses......its just some people's senses can be a bit more "activated" at birth and others can be as naturally sensitive as a stone (takes time and effort to open). Depending on a person's elemental constitution, you'll have stronger subtle senses in a particular category: Feel, See, Hear....etc.

Learning the basics of these would be a good place to start:
-Energy Work

Keys to Perception by Ivo Dominguez, may be a useful text.

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