Requesting information on Ulla von Bernus

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Requesting information on Ulla von Bernus

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Hello, first post here. Admins forgive me if this is in the wrong forum, I'll happily move it.
I am writing a piece on the famous self proclaimed black magician Ulla von Bernus. Unfortunately information on her is hard to come by, especially outside of German. Essentially what I know presently can be boiled down to a few keypoints
-Daughter of alchemist Alexander Freiherr von Bernus
-Goddaughter of Rudolf Steiner
-worked her magick either in support of, or in opposition to the SS, altough which is unclear
-Claimed to be a master of death, boasting a 90% success rate
-publicly advertised her services for 300-10000 marks per target on television, causing a scandal which had her investigated and subsequently dismissed by german courts
-was involved with Fraturnitas Saturni
-made headlines posthumously due to her friendship and involvement with Arwin Meiwes (and his mother), the Cannibal of Rotunberg, who ate a (consenting) man
-famously renounced satan in her final days, embracing christianity
As stated these facts can be uncovered with a simple search of her, and none provide any depth of information.
Does anyone know more about her, where I can read more, or know of anyone who knew her I might be able to reach out to?
Help is appreciated in advance

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Re: Requesting information on Ulla von Bernus

Post by Amor »

Nothing on Z library

But what can you learn from someone that decided her dark life was so bad that at the end she converted to Christianity?

What form of Christianity is uncontaminated?

That looks like two bad decisions.

If you want learn about mastering death, consider Don Juan's statement that the personal death stands behind the left shoulder of the human.

The personal death is actually the in-breath of the Tzimtzum waiting its time. It is willing to cooperate when approached cleanly - but who can do that?

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