Reversing blood magick?? (desperate)

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Reversing blood magick?? (desperate)

Post by indineko »

Hello all you lovely people,
Hope you are all well.
I really hope somebody will be able to help me, one of my friends suggested making a post on a forum like this the other day so here's whats the problem.
Also I hope that I am making the post the right way and in the right place, I never posted on a forum like this before.

Few years ago when I first learned about magick I asked one of my friends for some help with learning about it. She lent me a book that had "simple" spells and whatever. I was super interested in it but extremely sceptical at the same time. Anyways around the same time I was seeing a guy (maybe for a month or so), I really liked him but he ended up leaving me. In the book there was a love spell so I thought I would give a try, because why not? So it called for something that came from the person (nail clippings, hair etc) and because last time he hang out at mine he got a cut I had a tissue with his blood on it in the bin, which, as gross as I was at the time, I used in that spell. I followed all of the instructions carefully and after I decided it probably is bs and disposed of everything.

Not long after he came back begging me to get back with him. At the time I was already over it so I said no and moved on with my life. The dude would not leave me alone though, he became almost obsessed, I ended up having to block him. He then would make new profiles on social media to add me and message me, eventually I told him its harassment and I'm gonna call the police and he left me alone for a looong time. That was quite a few years ago and he still tries to contact me every now and then telling me he loves me. So clearly the guy either is a REAL CREEP or the spell worked.
I would leave it at that if that was the only problem.

Unfortunately I am experiencing some other effects. I literally CANNOT find love. I've been in many short relationships and they always end the same way, the people just stop feeling it after couple of weeks maybe months. The thing is they never know why. None of my friends can pinpoint why that would happen because apparently I am a very fun and interesting person (their words not mine but also something have to make them interested in me in the first place) and to be completely honest every single person has been the one who was more into me in the first place (not sure how else to explain how bizarre it all is).

The main reason I realised it could have been that spell that causes all of this is the fact that I have couple of friends that are witches (practised it pretty much their whole life) who straight up joked that it sounds like I've been cursed so I told them about the spell, told them step by step what I did and every single one of them was like "yo, that is not something you should be messing with even if you think its a joke and that probably is the reason for all of this". They believe that it backfired as love spells are selfish and come with consequences.

One of my friends who know the most about magick tried to help me to reverse it but it didn't really work (although I feel like it helped for a little while as I had a person interested in me for the longest time in years, around 6 months, but he also ended up losing interest for no specific reason).
She said that shes not experienced in anything that involves blood or blood magick and either do any other of my friends as its not something they ever even thought of learning more about because they know they would never wanna get involved in anything like that.
I had no idea what I was doing would even work, I was just young, in a pretty bad place and desperate and I regret it deeply.
Question is, how do I reverse it? Is there even a way?
Can somebody PLEASE help me. I really don't know what to do anymore. It is making my life miserable and I would literally do anything to change that.

Thank you in advance.

If there is any information that I missed but would be needed please let me know.

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Re: Reversing blood magick?? (desperate)

Post by Cerber »

Could wait it out, these things rarely last more than few years

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Re: Reversing blood magick?? (desperate)

Post by borealis »

Here's a possibility using Solomonic magic.

If you obtain the First Pentacle of Venus, and use it on the Day and Hour of Venus to petition the spirits of Venus to restore your natural balance in matters of love, that could help. You can find some on Etsy for pretty cheap. Make sure you buy one that is stated to have been handmade on the Day and Hour of Venus rather than mass-produced.

I would start with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, followed by a general invocation like the Bornless Invocation, followed by sitting down with the pentacle, focusing on it, commanding a spirit of Venus to appear, and making your request, then telling it that it may leave, and then doing another Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. This should all be practiced and then done for real during the Day and Hour of Venus. It would also help to light some Venus-appropriate incense during this. (The Day of Venus is Friday, the hour varies by location and like the rest here can be Googled.)

(This is Solomonic Magic, and you can read more about it in the Clavicula Salomonis.)

Disclaimer: I have only basic knowledge of Solomonic magic. I'm just throwing out an idea using an older system that is likely to be easy to build confidence in due to its history.

There is more than one way to stuff a Turkey, and I bring up this possibility simply because I have been researching the pentacles lately and they are on my mind. If it's too complicated, I could possibly cook up something else, or toss you in the direction of people who will have other/better ideas. The most important thing is that you actually believe the magic you are using is going to work, and if you are using a particular system, you work within its rules as much as possible. If you immediately lose confidence, or have no confidence in the magic to begin with, it's probably not going to work very well. Do something that convinces you that the original spell has been broken. Old and complex systems with storied histories and stuff you can hold in your hand are generally good at this, but your own system can be just as good if you have that confidence.

Edit: I have been informed from a reliable source that Solomonic Magic will work if you do it by the book, even if you are not particularly confident in it.

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Re: Reversing blood magick?? (desperate)

Post by Caerdon »

I'm very late to this party, but it would be very important to post what the ritual entailed and the materials it called for. An actual copy of the ritual would be most beneficial as well as what you substituted in (besides the blood).

Now, if that isn't available, the easiest way to help get rid of it is to have some of his blood and your blood from before the ritual , as well as the mixture of blood, which I'm assuming that that's not an option at this point. Barring that, a sample of both of your blood, plus some other part of your bodies (hair, etc) as well as something sharp made of a "purifying" material (silver may work, obsidian can as well). Put both of the parts that are of you and of him on opposite sides, put the blood that are from you and his to touch those parts (your blood to your part, his to his , DONT LET THIS BLOOD TOUCH), and finally, when you get a sense of what is seperate from you both, and how to differentiate between the essence of you and essence of him and the unwanted parts that connect you, use the mixed blood to "bridge" the gap between the two samples of blood, then use the sharp object to cut the middle and "sever" the blood connection, afterwords immediately seperate the two samples of your stuff and his, don't let them touch, and dispose of them individually (burn them if you want to be sure).

If done right it should end the link between you two.
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Re: Reversing blood magick?? (desperate)

Post by WildWolf »

Blood connections/cords are difficult to dissolve.

I'd evoke Michael, give him an offering and ask him to help disintegrate the cord/connection. Full dissolving of this connection, may take some time....doing a daily meditation and offering with Michael, for a month would be optimal.

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