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Willow Smith

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So recently I re-discovered Willow Smith's music. With her newest album especially, I noticed there are a LOT of new age/magick undertones which really took me by surprise!
"Natives Of The Windy Forest"
Mother Earth, praise her light
Brothers and sisters, we come here on our two, we are, we are
Mother Earth, praise her light

Mother Earth, we praise your light
Your sisters and brothers
We come to honor you
Your sisters and brothers
We just love in you
I am just a little girl walking in a forest
Got the crystals in the bag in my right hand
Vibration's rising so the molecule's porous
I can see straight through the trees with the touch of my hand
But I am just the molecules there inside
It's very far away, I won't hide
It's now a part of me, I'm not gonna cry
Not gonna cry, not gonna cry
I'm gonna climb, I'm gonna climb
In this tree, cause it's a fractal of me
Don't try to analyze the breeze
Akashic records in your teeth
That's why I'm surfing over reefs
That's why I'm sleeping under tepees
With my native culture
My hugs are warm and my words are colder
"Wait A Minute!"
Wait a minute!
I think I left my conscience on your front door step
Wait a minute!
I think I left my consciousness in the 6th dimension
But I'm here right now, right now
Just sitting in a cloud, oh wow
I'm here right now, right now with you, oh wow, oh wow
I don't even care
"F Q-C #7"
After I give you that amethyst crystal under your pillow now
How you feelin'?
So, What do you think?
Simply an arbiter.

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