Spiritual Hierarchy

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Spiritual Hierarchy

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Lately, i had been thinking about spiritual hierarchies and spirit lists. I noticed that across traditions, there is an emphasis on different levels of authority of spirits. Even in the Christian religion, they have differing ranks for Angels....etc. Unfortunately, the language of these systems can be confusing and archaic.....i don't know what ranking a duke or king means in the context of reality.

As a result, i decided to Meditate/Channel a type of hierarchy that i could utilize for my own purposes and perhaps may be useful for others. It was a cathartic process that has helped orient myself and bring clarity to many things. Here it is:

1. The Lost
2. Peon
3. The Calm
4. The Questioner
5. The Awakened
6. Creator
7. Ruler
8. Demigod
9. God (Deity)
10. Archon

Explanations on each below....a small note.....i don't think that there is an end to growth....we can continue evolving for eternity....but this is meant to be a basic list....for orienting ourselves in this crazy reality.

The Lost: i saw a lot of this when i lived in a small town in Louisiana. People who's energy is scattered, weak or damaged auras, in desperate need of healing, yet can't pull together there awareness/energy long enough to do anything to help themselves (meth heads, alcoholics, schizophrenics, Bi-Polar....etc). Lost souls....you'll see these a lot in the homeless as well.....quite sad....this is the nadir of the hierarchy.

Peon: this is just an ordinary being who has a stable aura, but is very plain in there energy and has no understanding of Intent, how to create and is existing in a moderately unconscious state and very rarely "shifts" or experiences reality with any level of "intensity". We all know this kind of grey, unconscious, zombie, sheeple like energy.

The Calm: A being whom has a stable energy and has a small level of understanding of Intent and how to use it to create (planning, setting goals, actively guiding there existence....etc)

The Questioner: A Being whom is in an energetic liminal space, as his higher faculties are beginning to decalcify. They are beginning to ask questions and feel that something is"off" in reality....they feel there is something more to the equation, than everyday awareness.....the seed of curiosity is firmly planted. You can see this in the beginning of the 1st Matrix movie. Neo has this deep gut question of: "What is the Matrix?" He's trying to figure things out.....

The Awakened: A Being that has stepped out of the Questioner phase and moved outside of the normal bubble of awareness and into a new state of Awareness. That surreal space where you look around and notice that everyone is asleep and experience that yummy spiritual pain of ostracism. That "oh shit" moment of "were no longer in Kansas anymore".

Creator: aura is stable and has a moderate level of skill at using intent to actively create there reality. A level up from the Calm.

Ruler: A high level of skill at creating and are slowly developing authority/skill over there Mysteries (Arcana of a specific type: Water, Forest, War...etc)

Demigod: High Intent, moderate level of mastery in there own Mystery and a gradual opening understanding of Reality.

A God (Deity): High Level of Skill in Intent, Mystery (Arcana) and a Moderate level of skill in Reality Gnosis.

Archon: Mastery of Intent (creativity), Mystery, and Reality Gnosis (understanding the nature of existence).

-Anyways that's what i came up with (channeled). Although this is channeled, its naturally also a reflection of my own experience on the path, so take it with a grain of salt. Perhaps i'll continue to refine this hierarchy in the future, as my Gnosis grows, cheers. You could say it breaks down into 3 extremely broad powers

1. Creator
2. Mysteries
3. Reality Gnosis

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