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Gnostics and Animism

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2023 5:07 am
by WildWolf
Gordon White on his most recent podcast, shares his insights into Gnosticism and how he fits that current of magick into his larger view of Animistic spirituality. I'm no scholar of Gnosticism (only read a few), but i found his ideas on the topic unique. He basically encapsulates Gnosticism as a type of Spirit Medicine (Bear, Plant, Bird....etc) that is of value in Dark Times (Archonic).

If perhaps you live during the inquisition or are seeing the last remnants of your civilization fall to pieces.....its important to know where to stand, so you wont be pulled into the abyss, alongside a corrupt Matrix. Never lived in a tyrannical society.....but i imagine it's not pleasant. Anyways....i found his views interesting and worth sharing. I don't know if i fully agree with the perspective on the whole, perhaps once i formulate my thoughts on the matter, i'll share them here. Link below.